How to use a Gaiwan

I often got questions about how to start with drinking tea?

There is no secret about making tea even if you like to prepare your tea in a special way. It’s all about trying and being curios. Nothing special but when it comes to the Chinese Tee ceremony, the Gong Fu Cha, than I advise to start with brewing you tea in a Gaiwan.

The benefit of a Gaiwan is, that it’s made of Porcelain and that you can watch your tea leves carefully. You can learn a lot from just watching your tea leaves open. Porcelain also has a big benefit when it comes to brewing tea for beginners. It will make your tea as your tea is. While Clay changes the taste, porcelain will give you the exact taste of the tea you preparing. Also it doesn´t matter if you brew black, Oolong or green tea in your Gaiwan. Just start and find yourself...

Gaiwan handling is not very easy, so i made a small film how I use my Gaiwan:

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