Sunday Tea-Tasting

The April is never really sure about the weather and so it comes that the sun was shining but it was too cold for outside tea last weekend. 

I used my time to taste some fresh and new Taiwan teas. Last week I have had the Dong Pian Oolong in my teapot and this week I tried a Yushan Oolong. I got a 20g sample and tested the teas in many ways, starting with a gaiwan made of porcelain and later a clay teapot. Really interesting how the tea change during the infusions and also with the different materials.
We shoot some picture for you and that you can have a guess about our very hard work. I wish I could do that every day but to taste teas it needs time and I better take the time. I only tried one tea this weekend the other teas were just for taste and cleaning my mind.

It’s crazy but my first suggestion about the Yushan Oolong was a picture of a Parish Fair… Almonds

Oolong Tea in test

taste and odor, leaves and color

after the test a Pu Erh tea for my love

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