Tea Ensemble #3

It was a really hard week and I´m close to loosing my mind. It is not a joke, it is really close to!

Thanks god I have the ritual with tea in the morning to calm down and relax and find myself in a cup of tea.

Last saturday I was visiting my husband in the hospital and after I left him in the evening I was too confused to go directly home. So I decided to drift a bit around. Relaxing my nerves.

In one Shop I found this nice tablecloth for my todays Tea-Ensemble. 

A Ti Guan Yin is in my cup from "Die Kunst des Tees". Light rosted with much flavor but not so much infusions. Do you like to have a review?

Reminds me on the Ti Guan Yin I bought in Hangzhou a few years before

Nearly every day I visit my husband in the hospital now, cook for him, give him fresh clothes, take the dirty clothes. Wash at home. His parents last time told me, Inga do not also loose your mind, stay normal and go to work. 
What happendsif I´m fed up with all this?
Nearly every day i go by bike around 30 km. I can not sleep, I can not eat, I lost a lot of weight and I´m looking like a ghost!
It is always crazy how a moment can change your life. Just a word, a gesture or the time and everything is different.
I need to organise two lifes now, need to care and care for myself.

I wish someone could prepare a cup of tea for me! I can not handle a pot anymore. I could use the best tea and would make the worst of it... I need to find my balance again. Before all this happend i thought I found my way now but everything was destroyed in the next moment. I need a shoulder to lean on or to wake up from this nightmare.

I wanted to write so many article and let you know about my latest Events and emotions but to be earnest, I have not enough energy for the moment. 
I know everything will be fine soon but for the moment I´m down on my knees


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