Camelia Ensemble - with a wonderful black tea

Winter time is camelia time.
I bought a beautiful camelia japonica. For those of you who don´t know, this plan is like a little sister to our tea plant camelia sinensis.
The blossoms of the camelia japonica look very simular to the sinensis blossoms. Also the leaves look alike.

For todays tea ensemble i choosed a black tea that i got as a chrismas present of my love.
Fine and soft hair are around every tea leaves. This a tea an chinese officer gave as a gift as he left germany. Probably he want to save some space in his luggage, lucky for me to have this wonderful tea in my cup.
This is definetly not a cheap tea. The leaves smell like chokolate, like i prefer on black teas

As a teapot I took this lovely black tea teapot with a camelia flower handpainted. This was also a gift of my love.

This teapot matches perfectly to the flower.

Here you can see the beautiful leaves of this incredible tasty tea.
It is very less that you have the luck to get that good teas and do not need to spend lots of money on it. Often it is impossible to get fine and rare teas like that. So I´m very happy that I can share this leaves with you.

When you open the bag with the leaves inside, much teadust came to you and fill the room with a chocolate flavor. More intensive is it when you fill the tea into the preheated teapot. Close it for a secound and smell. Amazing.

On black teas like this a recommend you to use not cooking water. The best temperature works for me is when the water is around 75-80°C. While the water is to hot it will destroy the fine aroma these tender leaves have.

But as I always say, try yourself and find out what works for you the best.
Tea is also trying and finding your own way.
 It is like our life, no one lives your life only you and when you share your life with someone than it is still your life. If the other accept you as you are than you spend some time together if not, it is not worth to waste your precious lifetime.
It is like tea, first of all I need to love my cup of tea and when I prepare it and share it with someone than I do my best. When the tea works for me it do not need to work for other but I did my best with all my love and knowledge.


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