Mengding Shan - Hong Cha - black tea

It was a great luck that I found that tea. I would never ask for a black tea in that area but one of mygroup members has had stomach trouble. Black tea is good for that so I ordered one and was surprised about the taste and the great quality.

The Tea plantation in Mengding Shan seems to be very natural. I could see a lot of beautiful butterfly’s on the tealeaves, bees and other insects. There is a cushy buzzing sound and a beautiful tea smell in the air.
As we were there the atmosphere was mystical, the air was wet, fresh and fog was everywhere. It makes the area very romantic. It is a perfect place to let the tea grow.
Definitely I will come back next year during the tea yield. The owner of the small hotel already promised us, when we come back, that we can make our own tea. 
Of course only a bit and just for learning how the tea will produce, for a better understanding.

The Hong Cha - Red Tea of Mengding shan is one of the best teas I tried the last months. This tea has a chocolate smell and taste. I can have more than 3 infusions and the tea still taste great.
I bought 500g of this tea, i like to buy more but I still have had some places to go and do not wanna carry so much.

Next to this great black tea I also bought a great and jasmine tea. Never thought that I would buy this kind of tea but it taste so great.

If someone is interested to taste the black tea than please send me an email:


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