Tea Ensemble #10 - look back

It´s crazy how this year passes by. This was a year full of Yin and Yang changes. The only ceaseless was the tea...

I´m thankful for the lessons I´ve learned this year but it´s also hard to start all over again and without fear and partiality for new persons. 
I was always someone who believes in the good of a person but this year I learned in a hard lesson, that you cannot change someone and as more good things you do for someone as more the person will kick you later. You will always be the bad person if you leave someone who is not ready to take responsibility for their own live. If you cannot or don´t want to handle two lives’ you will be guilty for all the bad things that happened to the other one.

Good to find some peace while having a cup of tea, thinking back and let the last year passes by again. It was hard and I did a big mistake while let myself utilize by someone else. I understand the mistake and try to make it better but on the other hand, if someone needs help how can I stop helping?


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