Tea after Creativa 2014

The week before last I was in Dortmund on the "Creativa 2014" exhibition. So many creative things on one place...it was like heaven for me =D

In the evening I was really tired but happy and make some tea with my love.
I chose "Fancy Old Style Oolong", which I bought together with Ye Min when I was in Cologne =)

You can see my new "tea item". Guess, what is it? A stone-vase ;)
I love it, and I knew I would buy it if it would cross my way on creativa- so I did of course.
 I´m in love with my vase...my lovely teapot...the steam everywhere...
 ...teadrops...the first garden flowers and my green tea cups, despite they get very very warm.
Lot´s of love,


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