New Tea Ensemble #14 - Fishes

Because of lack of time I´m not writing in English anymore. If my Son gives me some time to write an article I often do this in Germany. That saves time and keep my blog alive.
But I get more and more readers from abroad and so I need to give all of them something to read.

Sunday when Daddy is at home and playes with his son he give me some time to have a quite cup of tea. So I have a new Tea ensemble for you today.

For my ensemble i have this nice fish pattern from Teamaster Boutique. I have a whole set of Fish teacups i love so much. So this pattern is perfect for the cups.

I slowly preheat my small clay teapot, first from outside and then from inside. I choose a Bao Zhong also from Stephane . Its a fresh and fruity tea and matches perfect with the sun today. Brings the spring back for a moment.
I put the tealeaves into the pot with my hand, they looks so perfect and soft. I wanna tough them.
Because of the preheated pot the leaves began to smell fast so nice. Fresh and fruity.

After a whole week of being a good assistant for my son this tea brings me back to myself. Its not only the taste, its the whole thing! Preheating, toughing the leaves, pour the water and taste the tea. All this time brings my body back to live and to myself.

Don´t misunderstand me, I love my son and my life for my son but I also loves to enjoy a cup of great tea. A small time for myself that is luxury much more then before and it helps me to enjoy the cup much more then before either.


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