Then and now

Since I visited Ye Min I´m more in love with tea than ever before. I´m loving teadrinking for a long time ago but before my visit I never thought about how much fun it is to MAKE tea.
Anyway, back at home I wanted to make tea for my boyfriend and me. We go into the kitchen and I try to find some things to make an improvised tea table. Here it is:
Yeah, funny. Some plastic bowls and also an improvised justice pot. Making tea with this "tea table" was...okay. A little bit funny but if you could see my face you will see that I´m not really happy.
I wanted a real tea table were it doesn´t care if water is EVERYWHERE. Okay, I also wanted a real tea place like Ye Min where I can go in the morning and make my tea. But that´s another story.

Okay guys, it was obvious that I have to order a tea table. Ladies and gentleman, I will present you my new tea life:
There´re no flowers and other dekoration but I´VE GOT A REALLY NICE TEATABLE!
I know, it wasn´t necessary to order also a tea pot stand and a justice pot and also the tea bowls weren´t needful, but if you start to look at nice tea things you cannot stop to buy this cute things =)

Here are some impressions from my tea session:
You can imagine how happy I am. It feels sooooo good to make tea, I´m really enjoying it. It´s meditation. It´s vivid silence. Know what I mean?
I´m in love...


  1. Hallo atessa, ich habe eine chinesische Freundin, die ich ab und zu besuche und die mir auch einmal so eine Tee-Zeremonie gezeigt hat. Ich finde das alles wunderbar beruhigend und ästhetisch so ansprechend. Wo kaufst du denn deine Utensilien, z.B. das Tablett?

    1. Hallo Maren,
      Ye Min hat mir diesen Shop gezeigt:
      Da kann man sich wirklich dusselig kaufen;) Hier habe ich das Teetischchen noch günstiger gefunden und der Shop hat auch eine erschlagende Auswahl:
      Die Sachen kamen innerhalb von drei Wochen ;)


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