Project: Tee en miniature- Part I

Another hobby of me is collecting miniatures. I´ve got a dollhouse in 1:12, here you can have a little peek into it.
This year I want to start a new project: A hole tearoom in 1:12! Some items for it were delivered today and I´m really exited.

This idea goes with me since I visited thirsty last year, this little piece gives me the inspiration:
Have I ever told you, that I´ve got the best dad in the world?
He saw this wonderful teastore you can the above and gives it to me. Here are some more cuttings:

 I love this little cup. Of course, this little tea store has nothing to do with chinese tea, but yay, it´s tea! Totally beautiful!

 Look at this little teapots and the little spoon, I love these little things.
 Here you can see where I hang it up. It´s like a normal frame, a 3D-frame so to say.
It hangs near my lovely teapot stairs and of course next to my sitting place, so I can always have a little peak into it :)



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