The Lady Cui Feng

... is one of those real Diva, one of the biggest. She is a real winter beauty, soft, sweet and angelic. Her presence is expensive like a Geisha, she has high demands for her home and beauty rituals..

From Whom do i talk? About a tea of course, an Oolong tea, a winter tea. This tea I really enjoy this year so much. It is also the most expensive tea I have had in my cup for a couple of monthes. I found the Lady on my last Berlin Trip at Arteasign in Berlin.

I loved "her" from the first time I drunk this tea at the tea studio in Berlin. Benjamin made her in a simple Gaiwan and "Thirsty" and I enjoyed every sip.
I just bought 50g of the Lady Cui Feng, to try "her" home again.
First I also tried the tea in a Gaiwan and as Atessa visits me I was taken my new flower teapot.
She loved the teapot and the water I gave her and showed us her most beautiful side of her. WOW what a taste explosion. It feels like the tea never looses any tasted even after the 5th infusion.

One day later I tried to drink this tea again with another teapot but she wasn´t feeling well and even after one day later i gave her back this beautiful flower teapot but the wrong water and also she do not love me. Taste was flat without this big explosion. Only as I gave her back the right water and the right teapot she feels home again and gave me her beautiful prensence. A little bitchy this tea...

Name: Cui Feng
Origin: Taiwan
Typ: Oolong Tee
Harvest: Winter
Cost: 28,- € (and worth every cent!)

This tea is made by Master Atong Chen. The first time I could try his tea in cologne a couple of years ago. I remember this great Bao Zhong with this spring and sweet aroma. I bought this tea a whole year and it feels like I was the one who loved it, after one year there was still some tea in stock but the taste was gone.

It is a soft and fruity fragrance who is coming out of my teacan. Fruity , dark and sweet. The first infusion has a fruity character and mature color. I never made more than 5 infusions of this tea, damn me, but the time with a baby i too less. This tea can have much more.
The secound infusion is like cream, it feels like tea cream is coming out of my teapot, tasty, full-bodied and rich.

The Lady Cui Feng loves it hot and short. She likes really hot water and short infusion time. Die

If you want the prences of this beautifull, full-bodied Lady than you have to pay a bit but it is woth the money. If you wanna try than let me know and I will send you the details.


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