Tee-Atmung/ Tea-Breath

The tea-breath has nothing to do with magic or with meditation nor is it a mystical thing. It is only a way to enjoy your tea a little more.

I found out this little trick in a quite situation, just me and a cup of fine Oolong. Maybe it is not new for you but if it is, it´s my pleasure to help you feel and enjoy your teas more.

It´s all about sipping your tea. My grandma and maybe yours too, hate this sipping thing but hey... it is very usual in the asian countrys and also when it come´s to fine tea.

So sip your tea. While you do this you breath in and absorb the tea-steam. When you breath out now, do this with your nose and all this fine flavor will stay in your nose for a long time.

I found out that this technique works the best with Oolong tea and some green and black tea´s.
Best result is with Taiwan high mountaín teas.


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