Monatsfavorit im Mai - Yemin - Yun Wu Cha

Monthly Favorite

I´m very sorry for writing not much in english. I have so many foreign readers and I owe you more updates. So this monthly favorite I will write for you in english. Because of 2 children I often have not enough time and german is the quickest way to post thing here.

I´m back from china, since a week now. I never, really never have had to less tea the past 3 weeks in china. The Country of Tea but no tea for me. That was crazy, we where in an area where people drink hot water all day long and have not much idea about tea and good quality tea.

But also in an area like that, i could find some tea, my tea nose will find tea everywhere I go. Even in the dessert I was drinking tea.

So this is not really a favorite tea but this is the tea I was drinking a lot over the last month may. It is Yun Wu Cha. This tea is coming from Jiangsu province from XinPu.

I mean nearly every tea from different towns and mountains around Xinpu is called YunWu Cha. So you can have luck with the quality or not. I visited the tea plantation in the mountains so I exactly know where my tea is coming from and who made it.

During the time i feel that this becomes more and more important to me because I do not wanna drink unhealthy tea anymore.

What is Yun Wu Cha? It means something like cloud and mist tea and is a green tea. While I was searching in the internet I found out that the tea can come from different regions in china. Seems that this name is not special for this area.

The tea is hand plugged and has a aroma full of unami and sweetness, if you prepare it well. If not I do not like that tea.

The dried leaves look like small needles and have a dark green. During the infusion the color changes very fast into a bright green. The leaves open and showing the nice shape.

I liked this tea much because I have had no other choice. Normaly I´m not a huge fan of green tea but i was hot in china and so the tea fits well.

I bought about 500g for home.

This time the tea prices was sooooo damn high that I could not buy much tea.

A Bilochun also was bought but thats it. Some little teacups but not more. At all it was a family trip and not a tea trip but I found so beautiful tea places that I´m happy.


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