made a decision

It was a nice day in Brussels where I made a decision for my life. While I was stepping next to me and watching me carefully I saw a very sad woman, with a low energy level. I saw someone who carries the problems of 2 on her shoulder and this was making me sad.

During a silent moment while a cup of tea I decided to be happy. I decided to change my life and walk on my way and not the way of others. I´m very loyal Person. I´m feeling bad to hurt others but I prayed for a happy life without too much problems on my shoulder. I wanted less trouble and someone on my side to share my time and way. Who is interessed in me and respect me and someone who is worth to be respected too.


As I came back to Aachen my whole life changed. It changed in a very bad way with more trouble and emotional extortion. This wasn´t what I wanted, one month I have had a horror Story (maybe I will write a book one day) with no sleep, food, a shoulder to lean on, stress and much more. After this month as I slowly solved every single problem, to be earnest this wasn´t my problems, I solved them for my husband, slowly the situation changed and became better.
Suddenly There was someone who cares for me, first my mom and than a Man in my life who seriously caring for me, helping me and gave me the feeling that I´m special.
Now it feels still good but as I know myself I need to give this love a try and time. The old is passed but the scarfs are fresh and I will not hurt an innocent person.

Time will show me the way I need to go but I have to find my way and only I are responsible for my life and for being happy. Once I decided to be happy the life changed and make me happy. For sure there will be bad times and dark sides but this is alone in my decision what way I wanna go…

Thank you for giving me my smile back and teach me to let go! 


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