Taiwan Black Tea - Red Rhythm

It´s been a while that I made a tea tasting for you. 
It is a raining Sunday and I was at the flea market in the morning. Now I decided to take some time to enjoy a cup of tea with you.

Today I wanna try this beautiful black tea from Taiwan with you, it´s very fresh. Directly from the tea farmer into my Gaiwan.
This tea called Red Rhythm (红韵) and I got it from Easy Tea Hard Choice.

I got 3 Tea´s in 20g samples and this is the first I opened this week. For tasting a tea I need time and the right atmosphere. 
dry leaves - first infusion - last infusion (click for a bigger pic)
The first impression of this tea is very good. The dry leaves look great but smell less.

The tea taste a bit like apricot and orange. The taste last long on the tongue. The tea description says that the tea is strong but I feel that its not very heavy but very balanced. As I first tried this tea on an early morning on an empty stomach the tea let me sweat and gave me much power for the day. It warms me inside.
This tea a hybrid with an oxidation of 95% normally it should be a oolong Tea but because the "parents" (from India and China) of the plants are black tea this tea is also called black. You can see the beautiful color perfectly in the pictures.

The tea has a beautiful orange color and smells soft and gently. I guess this tea is great for rainy days and the early autumn. 


I brew this tea in my small Gaiwan. I tryed 2 different Versions. For the first and in my eyes the best I used hot water with around 95 Degrees. The taste was fruity and behind you can taste the black tea sence. For the second try I used water around 80-85 Degrees. The tea was softer but I was missing the apricot taste. Orange was still there.

I prepare my teas always with feeling, that means without a watch or a thermomether

To be fair I need to say that i have had this tea before in my cup. I got it as a sample from "die Kunst des Tees" there I already like it.


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