Ensemble 15 - cold days

 The days are shorter and colder and I can see the winter. So also my tea table needs to change again.
It is a rainy and cold today, I used this beautiful teapot I found once in a small temple in Wudang Shan.
The cover is already broken but I fixed it.
For drinking I use a lager cup in a jade green color. I got this cup from my first Tea and Gong Fu teacher. This is the only peace I got from him.

This cup also have a smal crack.
I´m not very sad about this small cracks in teapot and cup. Both makes this ensemble special.
And both are a little bit like my soul and heard.
Often people try to broke me but I´m still here and alive and I´m what I´m no matter what people do to me.

Both peaces I got in a special moment and so I rember this moments while I´m drinking my cup of winter dong Ding. A great tea for this cold and rainy day


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