the Germans and the time

Worldwide People knows that the Germans are always on time. Time means a lot for us Germans and so we are not wondering about the big question about time while having a cup of tea.

I often got questions about the pouring time of tea. People often wonder that I have no answer for this question.
See, everybody love tea in a different way. For example me and Thirsty... Thirsty drinks her tea very strong without much fragrance, I love it soft and with much of the fragrance. Her pouring time is much higher than my is. 
So it depends on your style, i just have the advice for you to try it out and find the best way suits for you. I  often see watches on a tea table but I really feel uncomfortable with this style also with a scales. 
I feel that all this machine makes my way of tea to static and no more flexible. 
The way I prepare the tea goes often with my mood, also the choice of the teapot and tea.

So my advice for you, learn from and with your tea. Tea will tell you when you are wrong. If it taste bad than you are wrong if its good for you, even others don´t like it, then it´s your style and right!


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