Tea Ensemble with Cherry Blossom Tea cloth

In the middle of the Night I woke up and have had a new idea for my tea cloth. The next day I directly work on it.
I wanted to make a Tea Mat for travelling or to store it in a better and more beautiful way.

Here it is, the first one.
It´s made of brown fabric with a beige cherry blossom pattern.

On the back is a thicker black Fabric and there you can find a little bag to store maybe your tea tools. Than roll the mat and you can transport it easily without damaging something.

I also find it useful to have a little "towel" for your Teapot cap or Gaiwan. Also use it to wipe away water from teapot after it comes out of the teaboat. Mostly the teapot is wet and the tea drops will make the beautiful teacloth wet and dirty.


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