black is beautiful

I´m very sorry for my english readers, the most posts here starting in german and thats because of a lack of time.
The little teamaster cost me a lot of time and in the evening i avoid to start the computer. If i start the computer to post on the blog, i usually do it in german because it is faster for me.
Today I wanna give you all a short update for my favorite tea this year.

The most readers know how much I love Oolong teas. Specially the green and light fermented teas but this year or a little longer, maybe since my last china trip, I also start to enjoy the black teas more and more. I find the flavors interessting. from Chocolate to fruity to rose flowers. A lot of the black teas surprise me.

So the next post you will find more and more black teas here on the blog. I still do not like the normal Assam style or a usual Darjeeling. I like, as usual, the special ones. This little special taste you would not expect. So be curious.

Dark Oolongs and black teas are perfect for Autumn and winter time. They warm you up and make you feel comfortable with the new season.


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