traveling with tea

My 2 colleagues here already showed their traveling sets, now it´s my turn.
Before some days we came back from the beautiful Portugal. The Atlantic Ocean is amazing.
I love the sound of the sea. Powerful and strong. 

The weather was windy and warm, nice for swimming and the beach. I´m getting bored to fast of the beach and so we traveled around and did a lot of sightseeing. The history of Portugal is long and so there is much to see.

Because of the warm weather I choose a green tea, a Bilochun, with a very nice flavor. Perfect for this warm days.
Because my family didn´t like tea so much, i choose this simple teapot with a cup.
I found some shells at the beach and use it for this little tea ensemble.
I like to use natural things and so it is clear to look for shell next to the big sea.

How do you travel with tea?


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