Travelset - Selfmade

Ever since i wanted to take my tea with me on my travels. If it´s in a hotel, outdoors, or during the journey. To find an suitable Allrounder wasn´t that easy.

My first travelling set was everthing but conveniet. It was difficult to wrap, or unwrap. The spout leaked all the time and even worse tea leaves slipped outside quite often.

Therefore i needed a solution that is compact and doesn´t miss to serve the needs of Gong Fu Cha. After some brooding about the problem i got the idea of useing an raster foam case. I paired it with a nice teaset, removed the raster foam parts to fit in and arrange teaware. It was much important to me to find a cheap teaware series, so i can exchange single parts in case of loss.

If you want to do such a travelset yourself, you either find some Links to rebuilt my example, or you fit an raster foam case to your needs. That should work easy, if you measure every piece at first, than calculate the space and the depth as well. It is better to determine the measurements first instead by trail and error, otherwise it could be quite expensive. The best is to draw, how you want to arrange the objects beforehand. 

Once it fits, the teaware case is very convenient and invites you to find crazy ways to use it. For instance maybe useing it on a sprinter train to serve tea to the ticket collector. Amuseing conversations guaranteed! ^^ 

Teaware - Case example

Conrad raster foam case:

Teaset Satin Blue Collection from Taiwan Teacrafts:

Tablecloth from Akiko:

Chataku coaster from Maoci:


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