Back Home - China in September

The time passes by and we will go to China very soon.
A small group of people will follow me to china to see that amazing country. 

Also this time I will try to write a live report about our trip. I don´t know if I can blog directly from china but if not, Atessa will assist me and post all my travel reports for you.

Hopefully she will join us at our next trip. Thirsty will be with me in China.

I know it is not tea time in September but as I really wanted to go "home" and take a small group with me, September was the first time we could come together.
We will go to south China this time.

Starting In the capital of Sichuan, Chengdu we will go to the tea-place Ya´an. To see the tea plantation and beautiful tea-houses. From there it goes to Leshan, the biggest Buddha in a mountain and Emeishan, place of Taijiquan.
Than our group is invited to Langzhong by the family of my friends. I´m very happy to see them again and also to visit this small town.
Last stop is Chengdu again. Because of the autumn festival there will be a lot of people around and slowly I´m getting nervous. We just book the flights and everything else will be organized directly in China by me. Let´s see if we can come back ;o)

We will travel very cheap, that mean we will sleep in hostel and in temple´s. That makes this journey special and close to the people. I love it to talk and learn more from this country.

We are starting with our trip at the 16th of September for 3 weeks, you are all welcome to follow us here!!
I try my best to post as much as I can.


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