Emeishan and the monkeys

Yesterday we made a very nice trip to mount emei. It is one of the 5 most famous mountains in china and it has a very beautiful nature.
Whileyou walking to the top you need to clip a lot of steps. It is nice and peaceful normaly. The problem is that this nature park is full of loud Chinese tourist that disturb you Pilger trip to the top.

In the mountains also live wild monkey's but because of the loud tourist there are hard to see. We could just hear them in a moment between the tourist groups.

We have had nice weather. We went 6 km to the wannian temple. It cost much time because of much steps.
After we have had a cup of tea in a small tea house. We invited ourselves for a cup of tea with the nuns. There were ver friendly to us and interested. They had a black tea which was tasty.


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