The tea market

It was a really a first short night in Chengdu for me. First we was very late in our hostel and then i needed to share my room with 2 other girls.
I get up around 7 am and wake up the other at 8:30 am. They was still sleeping. But no excuse if you wanna see new places and meet new people.
Our first adventure starts with changing money. 2 application forms and a copy of our passport. Then waiting 2 hours and need to fill in the forms again because of a wrong word. 5 people need 2 hours for just changing money.
In the afternoon we visited a tea market. Finding the way was very had. So good that we found steven, an Australian guy, who speaks a better chinese and could ask for the way. After 2 hours waking we really found the tea market and i bought a great green tea from ya'an and a Tie Guan yin.
At the end we had the hot pot for dinner. A great first day.


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