Bring music to your table: Teacarinas

I´ve got a big passion. It´s not only tea. I also love to make music and collect instruments! In this post I´ve written about music and tea. But now I have the chance to combine these to things perfectly together, cause there is something new to my teatable: Teacarinas!

These two beautiful tea cups are not only for tea, you can make music while enjoying the teatime!
I´ve got them from . The teacarinas arrived so fast, it was unbelievable. And now, I´m always playing music while teatime.
Of course I had to buy two of them, so I can play with a nice tea guest together :)
I just love the color of the teacups, so beautiful and well made. Also the tune is really nice and it is really funny to play together with my love.

You can have tea in the cup while playing, no problem, but I have to say, that the tea doesn´t tastes as well as in a normal cup.
But maybe I´ve got only the wrong tea.

Would you like to make music while drinking tea?

Best wishes,


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