Ensemble #17 - colors in the dark2

Since I was a child I always did everything on the ground. Homework from school, drawings or tea. 
Because of the little tea-master I needed to rethink my home design and so the ground-tatami-tea place is history now.

But sometimes I feel better to make my tea on the ground. I feel that my body structure is more straight and I can handle the water and tea much better. 

For this ensemble I choose the ground again and this beautiful tea pattern, made by me.  
I made it because I love the colors so much. This beautiful material is very little and I need to be careful with it.

Outside the weather is dark and dull but inside the colors help me to handle a great tea much better.
I drank a MaoFeng black tea, with the view above my balcony.
The tea warmth me inside and the smell opens my mind.

I did some tea meditation. Sleep is rare this time and teatime also. The little master will awake soon and I just need time to relax and recover to give him all my love.


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