Magisso teacup

Today is one of those days where my time is too less for a whole tea break, it is too less to breath or to do the housework. The little Teamster is 9 month now and wants more and more of my attention.

Good that the Company Magisso contacts me before some time and sended me this great teacup. This really saves my life.

First of all I´m a girl and I have to say that i really love the color, perfect to my dress and lipstick at the picture.

Okay okay lets talk about tea and this teacup. Because of the design this cup gives you the opportunity to use whole leave for your tea. Also it save a lot of time, no need for a big procedure of brewing tea.

Put your tealeve into the small area and tilt your cup to this side and pour your hot water over the leave. When you think your tea is ready just tilt the cup to the other side and your tealeave will not pour longer in hot water.

This is so much saving my time and gives me a secound for a good tea.

I was drinking a cup of a Taiping Hou Kui this day

Magisso is a finish Company with a lot of useful things for your life. All things will make your life easier, they looks so fashion and you never know that you need it until you saw it.
If you are also interessed in this teacup, you can buy it over here and all the other little interessting things from Magisso, too:

A Big Thank you to Magisso for my cup of tea during a short time Season


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