A balanced cup of tea

Did you ever have had a cup of tea full of emotions and crackling energy? Tea prepared in balance of Yin and Yang?

At home only I prepare tea, sometimes when I visit my friend "Thirsty" she also prepares a cup for me. But that’s it. No one else!

In China they say Teaware is the mother of the tea and Water the father. It says much about the tea handling but what are we then? What is the person who prepares the Tea? Who choose the right tea, water and moment? Let’s call it uncle or Aunt.

On a weekend in Belgium learned how important it is.

I´m a very empatic Person. Sometimes it helps me but often it nearly kills me.

On a Sunday noon Thomas invited me for a cup of tea at his home. I was in Brussels again because of another teaevent and he helped me to find my way to it and I was happy to spend my time with a tea lover and change some experience. Also I was a bit curios but in the end I wasn´t ready for this experience.

Thomas has a small but exellent tea collection and he was preparing two tea for me. The first was a Shui Xian (水仙) made in Taiwan and the second was the last leaves of an exellent Da Hong pao (大 红袍), all these tea came from Paris (Maison des troi thes). He told me that he was waiting to share this Da Hong Pao with someone who loves tea as much as he do. So do I?

While working with tea I feel we often get back to the basics and learn that we do not need too much tea tools.

He prepared a good cup of tea for me but the confusing thing was the emotions in. To prepare a cup of tea for someone else can be a very personal thing, it can show oneself with all the emotion in just this cup.

I enjoyed the moment and don´t wanted to talk to much just feel the taste, smell and energy. He watched me very carefully and makes me really shy.
Never spend such a moment before. My luck was that I did not prepared the tea, what would happen then? What would be shown in my cup in that moment? I guess I have the answer... but for you I will let it open!

It seems when two tea lovers come together and the soul also is comparable than those moments can happen. All this together makes the tea perfect.

So I try, while writing this words, to get my balance back. Maybe it is also the memory of my friends in Syria that make me a bit out of balance.
There was a perfect harmony on that sunday noon and a balance of Yin and Yang but once I saw this balance, I already lost it. 

Yesterday I prepared a cup of tea for my husband and his friend. During the first teadrop run into the cups, the memory of this sunday catches me again and both men was automaticly quiet and watched me like a ghost. A loving smile on my face, without any word and the memory of the past in my heard.
As the tea, a Dong Pian, was in the cup my husband directly said. "I can smell jasmine, this tea is not for me"
Damn he was so right, it was prepared for someone else... 

He never felt anything while I prepare tea, he never care so much for it, he was never interessed so much in my way of life, often laugh about the way I´m doing and he knows nothing about my inner Person but in this moment he could feel a bit of the magic and had some pain in his heard...

I learned this sunday that emotions can be also inside of the teacup. I always knows it and often gave it to other but never felt it on my own before. 
I learned that you can say so much without any word, also knowed it before but never saw it on my own. My hope is back now.
I learned that i should watch my life better and need to change something now! Symphatie is not the key for a relationship.
All this I learned from a single cup of tea that humble me down!



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