The last Teadrops...

It is a beautiful day, full of sunshine and it is warm. So I take my tea tools out for preparing a cup of tea on my terrace. The air is warm and the wind blows gently through my hair.
The perfect time to drink the last tea leaves from my China Trip in 2010 to Shanghai-Qingdao-Hangzhou.
It is a Tie Guan Yin, it is not a normal Tea Guan Yin, not that modern style what you can buy everywhere in in worse qualities. It a dark and full flavor Tie Guan Yin, Old fashioned Style. The leaves a full aroma, you can feel the roasted flavor on your tongue.

While I´m drinking the tea, memories come up.
I still know where I bought this tea. It was a big shop in Hangzhou city. 2 Tea lady welcome us with the sentence: 要买什么? That mean: want to buy something?
We answered automatically with "yes", we did not know if we will buy something but otherwise the tea lady would not prepare any cup of tea for us. I remember that they have had a lot of teas but the best, in my opinion, was this Tie Guan Yin. A fruity Oolong tea that catches me from the first smell on. The tea tasted great and the water seems to be very soft.
As I ask what kind of water they use, they showed me the ordinary waterline. Hmm maybe my Chinese wasn´t good enough and I misunderstood her. Everyone knows that you better not drink water from the pipeline, specially not in china. Even after the second question she showed me the pipeline and opened a big Tea water-can, I could see very clearly the Bamboo-charcoal swimming inside.
Amazing what this charcoal can do...

Through the years, I forgot this Tie Guan Yin. Sometimes I drank it but as the tea started to become less I try to save some leaves. Or do I just want to save the sweet memory?

last leaves fill also my cup

 Since I know that I will return "home" to china, it´s time to let go. To drink the last teadrops now with all the memory inside and prepare for a new trip, with new tea and much more fun than last time.
Maybe it is just a imagination but I feel that this Tie Guan Yin never taste better than on this warm and sunny evening...


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