thoughts are with my friends in Syria...

Today I will go a bit "off topic" with my post but I need to write some words about this topic toughes my heard a lot.

I´m back from Belgium I was spending a wonderful day. Meet nice People and enjoyed a lot of great tea. Still feel the joy of these moments.

This morning I woke up with a lack of sleep but full of power from amazing teas but this experience will belong to a single post. Now I want to tell you a bit of my feelings today...

Everything started with a what’s app message in the morning. I was preparing for work and then it happened. The message came from my friend in Damascus.
Since the time the war started in Syria I follow nearly every news and hope for a life sign of my friends there. I was only one week in Damascus but this experience was one of the best I ever had in my live. I met so many friendly and great people, saw this amazing town and have had nice chats.

If you listen to the news about a war in another country it will maybe makes you sad about people who get killed, innocent children and their families. But if you hear that a war starts in a country where your friend life, then this feeling is much different.
Just one message changes my thinking of the last days a lot. It makes me happy to have a safe home, people who loves and respect me and the things I´m doing, also don´t need to life with the fear and on the other hand it makes me helpless when I watch the news. Don´t had any message of my friends the last years and felt sad and prayed a lot for them and their familys.
Now I have the message, one of my friends is in Egypt now and the other is still in Syria.
I´m happy that they are alive and feel sad about the things they see day by day. I cannot imagine what pictures they need to see day by day. Maybe losing friends and family.  To be afraid to walk on the street... If I think about this facts it makes me crazy and tears coming through my eyes...

little child in the ruins of damascus

In the office people shout about the bad weather or someone who did not drive in the right way by car. They complain about a cook who over salt the food or other silly things. 

This is our live! We eat, we drink, we go to work, we buy nice things but we never or we barely ask where everything comes from. We ask maybe where our food comes from but just because of our own health. 
Sure we cannot care for the whole world but I think we can show a little more respect for our food, for our life and life of others and for the people who producing our food and cloth. For the tea or coffee farmers who let our elixir growing. It cost nothing to have respect for little things, someone made it... Cloth is not just there, someone produce it, food is not just there, for meat someone give a life, for fruits and vegetable, someone cares to let this grow, for houses, someone build it... 
Just think about...
It’s just these thoughts I want to share with you, my dear readers...

Some pictures from my Damascus trip:
Damaskus part 1
Damaskus part 2


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